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First, we’ll answer all your questions and get you acquainted with how we work and the steps you need to take to begin or change your real estate career.  Begin by filling out the Business Plan, where you will supply valuable insight into your goals.  Based on this information, a member of our Career Development Team will contact you and guide you through the next steps. Our support begins immediately!

Agents who join our team are delighted with the support and business tools they receive to help them grow their business.  We provide systems and customizable products to enhance your image, as well as proven methods for building or strengthening your career.

The Real Estate One Academy

For decades, The Real Estate Family of Companies associated development training programs have been a trademark of our company’s success; admired and emulated by those in the local and national real estate communities.  We have received the "Most Innovative" Award among our peers for our progressive and market specific training and have advanced the successful careers of thousands pf real estate professionals throughout the State of Michigan.

With programs for newly licensed associates and advanced training for the seasoned pro, which includes designations and certifications, Real Estate One Family Associates can attend either live presentations at our central location, branch offices, online through webinars and videos and other collaborative venues.  We believe that the delivery of the information is as important as the material - each program is taught by highly skilled instructors.  Additionally we present many of the Top National real estate trainers for company wide programs which further enhance our agents business development.

Convenient, Economical, Timely

We understand that today’s agent is managing larger demands on their time and expenses.  Every effort is made to provide training in the most convenient location, with the least expense possible and with content that is important for today’s business management.  Our company has made a substantial investment in "Real Time" - "Real Value" Education for our associates. 

Our video and online learning library began with the investment in the David Knox Online Training System - delivered at no charge to our associates.  David Knox  is renowned throughout the industry as the leader in training associates whether new, "re-newed" or those that want to step up to a new level in their successful career.  Ask us for a "Guest Pass" and see what David can offer on a particular topic!

Training Program Overview

Pre-License Preparation - Meets all requirements for licensure for the State of Michigan.  Offered as a one week accelerated daytime class, monthly evening class, and in selected locations on Saturdays only.

Pathways to Success - A fast start orientation to our Family of Companies and the tools/services available to the sales associate.  Attendees are immersed into the functions of their career from business building to forms, technology, prospecting and dialog.

Specialty Classes  and Continuing Education

100-CDPE - CDPE/Certified Distressed Property Consultant

Graduates of this class close 5 times as many deals on average than other agents; cut the Short Sale processing time by 50% and receive more than one new referral every 90 days. A must in today’s market! In addition you receive a one year CDPE membership and the use of the logo and designation, and many online, disk and printed support materials.   

100-Z - Zillow Can Help Your Business Grow

Zillow A to Z. From Advertising to Zestimates. Learn how Zillow can work for you. How are Zestimates calculated? If they are inaccurate, what can you do about it? Market your expertise & social media with Zillow. How to use Zillow to gain clients for FREE.   

102 - David Knox: Prospering in a Changing Market

A change in market dynamics creates opportunities for the well prepared agent. Business is conducted at a more reasonable rate and the competition is reduced by a greater amount than transactions. In this seminar you will learn the changes and how to capitalize on them, how to grow your business, how to target motivated prospects, how to get sellers to price at today’s market value and have more realistic expectations and also how to create urgency in your buyers. 

105 - Short Sale, Foreclosure Resource (SFR)

Approved for 8 hours of Con Ed credit for 2010! NAR has created a new certification called the Short Sale, Foreclosure Resource (SFR) certification. Offered at the NAR convention and a sell-out in November, a LAST CHANCE opportunity to save HUNDREDS in fees and CE Credit as well! Certification requires a full day course and three one hour on-line webinars. If you are able to complete the course work by year end your $175 application fee will be waived by NAR! 

121A - Property Tax Assessment

Randy Repicky brings his popular Tax Class to the Academy. He will discuss the fundamentals of local real property taxes, including how properties are assessed; important tax dates; what happens to taxes when a home sells; impact of foreclosures and short sales on assessments; and what you and your clients need to know to appeal property tax assessments with the local Boards of Review.  

211 - Condos

Let Suzanne O’Brien, manager of our Dearborn office, guide you through the process of Condo purchase and sale. Learn some of the tricks and how to avoid some pitfalls.   

215 - Leases

Put Dennis Dickstein’s years of experience in leases to work for you and your clients as he discusses in depth the benefits and possible pitfalls of leases and lease contracts.   

201- Broker Prep

This flagship course provides the information you need to successfully complete your real estate broker’s license exam.

203- Policies and Procedures for the Real Estate Risk Managment (Broker Law Specialty)

This exceptional program is the only one of its type to actually help you create or upgrade the most important tool in your arsenal: A company Policy and Procedure Manuel.

202-Contracts and Fair Housing (Broker Law Specialty)

This fast paced and unique program covers two critical risk management issues for Brokers and Managers.

419 - Working with Corporate Buyers

Agents will receive a detailed explanation of how to work with incoming transferees from Third Party Relocation Companies. This segment includes agent assignments, responsibilities, offers, leases and the 1st to Know home search program.   

420 - BMA on the ERC Form, Pre-market and Inventory Listings

The Employee Relocation Council (ERC) has created a new BMA form. Learn to prepare a Brokers market analysis (BMA) using the new ERC form and procedures for corporate listings.   

421 - Relocation Required Education

A & B Relocation Team Members are required to take this course each year. We cover changes in third party relocation requirements, broker to broker relationships and affinity partner updates for 2009. 

421A - Rental One

Agents will be given a basic overview of working with transferees/lessors who intend to list their home for lease or those that are transferring in as a lessee looking for a home or apartment to lease. Which apartment communities’ pay a commission and offer furnished housing. 

422 - Affinity and Broker Referrals

Learn basic information about Broker to Broker, Affinity and Personal Perks referrals. Agents will have a better understanding of outgoing referrals and how to create them through listing and buyer presentations.   

422A - BPO Forms Training

Learn to complete drive by and interior BPO’s for potential listings. There are several versions of a BPO and this will give you a general understanding of how to complete the form thoroughly.   

422B - Sales Through Short Sales

This is a basic understanding of what is needed to assist a homeowner who may be in a pre-foreclosure state. Learn how working with our Short Sale Specialist from Capital Title can be beneficial to your homeowner.   

422C - Foreclosure Listings/Buyers of Foreclosed Homes

Have a general understanding of working with foreclosure properties for banks and mortgage companies. Become familiar with the listing contracts and addendums that affects the broker and agent.   

 422D - Selling HUD Homes (On Line Course)

The class is a WEBINAR. You will receive login instructions 2 days prior to the session on line. Selling HUD Homes today is a great advantage to your buyer. Homes are selling for less than list price. The purchase offer is handled through an online system. We’ll walk you through the process from start to finish.   

422E - Selling HUD Homes

Offered in CLASS ROOM . Selling HUD Homes today is a great advantage to your buyer. Homes are selling for less than list price. The purchase offer is handled through an online system. We’ll walk you through the process from start to finish.  

423 - Relocation Basics

This class covers a basic understanding of how leads are generated and assigned through corporate services. We will discuss corporate listings and buyers, broker to broker, affinity and personal perks.  

461 - Lead One Beginners - Internet Lead Management

Finally a class dedicated to Internet lead management. Start 2010 off on the right track. Learn how to attract, capture and manage web leads like a pro. This class has it all! Dialogue and email scripts to help you communicate more effectively with online buyers, proper email etiquette and drip marketing. Increase your online lead capture rate and increase your bottom line! This class is now a requirement for all agents that are members of our LeadOne team. 

535 - Lead Generation: Affinity, Perks, RA Mobility Opportunities

Learn basic information about generating new business account where you are the lead agent. Build Affinity, Personal Perks and/or Relocation America Mobility leads through our agent incentive program.  

536 - Leading Real Estate Companies of the World - Website, Tips & Tools

LRE Website is a tremendous tool with resources to enhance your credibility and help you get your next listing. This website is only available to sales associates from companies affiliated with the Leading Real Estate Companies of the WorldTM; exceptional marketing & educational tools.

403A - E-mail and Contact Management

Email has quickly become the form of communication of choice for a great many of our customers. A good quality contact management system is the key to successful prospecting and customer follow-up. Email signatures, etiquette, marketing, message management, and attachments along with mail merges and time management are the main topics of this class. Emphasis is placed on Microsoft Outlook, but everyone will benefit from this session regardless of the email program they use. A basic understanding of Windows is a pre-requisite for this class.  

533 - Social Networking and Social Media Marketing - Part 1 Social Networking

Learn how to make the most of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. How to post, what to post, where to find it and why to post it. Customer Relationship Management, building a winning network, maximizing your online efforts and more. This class will explain the how and why of social networking in a format that’s easy for all agents to understand and give you the information and tools that you need to succeed and prosper in the new socially connected economy.

534 - Social Networking and Social Media Marketing - Part 2 Social Media

Part 2 Social Media, will focus on taking you to the next level, from social networking guru to social media master. Learn how to use social media marketing to grow your business. This class will introduce you to the power of Blogging for search engine attention, brand awareness and increased online reputation. It will take you step by step through the process of launching a blog, blog design and layout, what to blog about and how to find relevant blog content. Creating engaging blog posts for maximum SEO, blog promotion, RSS feeds, lead generation, micro-blogging and social bookmarking will also be covered in detail. This session will provide you with all the tools and information you need to launch and maintain a successful real estate blog that produces results.


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Success Stories

The office is like a team. Everybody is supportive and helpful to one another. There is no competition between agents. Every agent wants their fellow agents to be successful and are more than willing to help them reach that goal.
Kurt M.
From the day I started I have received nothing but encouragement and support. Being a "part timer" I thought I would be left to learn on my own. Not true! Everyone from the manager to every agent in the office and especially our coveyancer have been fantastic and most helpful. I could not have picked a better office.
John F.
What I like about the office is the ample training, flexible schedule, supportive associates, philanthropic owners, successful agents and especially the five star treatment I receive from the staff!
Suzanne G.
I joined because a friend has worked here for years and raves about how wonderful the people in the office are. Being new to the business, I could use all the friendly faces I could get and my friend could not have been more right. Any time I had a question and no matter who I asked, a fellow agent, broker or manager, everyone has ALWAYS stopped what they were doing to answer my questions or assist me with whatever I needed. Thank you!